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Dotted Waves

Special Situations Fund

Stressed Asset investments

We are registered as a Category 1 Special Situations Fund(SSF) with a focus on investments involving assets in financial stress and showing a potential for success. The SSF is sector agnostic and intends to focus on investment opportunities in the Mid  and SME Tiers 

The Indian economy poses a unique duality of a high growth economy which also requires high liquidity under financial regulations. This poses an opportunity to acquire stressed assets at great value whilst benefitting from the macro tailwinds of the economy. The critical success factor in stressed markets lies in identifying the inefficiencies and using an optimal mix of strategies and investment instruments to yield benefits

We bring together a leadership team of experienced advisors and experts who will work to setup turn around plans, improve operational efficiencies and work with banking, tax planning and audit teams to ensure the optimal structure for assets which have been acquired.

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