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Investment Advisory

Exclusively Curated For You

Under its Structured Managed Accounts, the Fund provides investment advisory services to large marquee clients for generating an additional return using margin available from their existing investments in equities, debt products, real estate investments and cash. The clients are able to utilize the Fund’s proprietary investment strategies based on futures and options, thereby generating a higher return than the underlying investments in a tax efficient manner.

We bring together a team of experienced advisors who team up with specialized banking, tax planning and audit teams to ensure the optimal structure for our clients.

We understand that large marquee clients like to hold onto their existing investments, as there are scenarios where returns may not be the only objective in a portfolio creation. There also are large tax implications in liquidating existing investments with large unrealized gains.

We come in with a rich track record of understanding the financial structuring of Large Family Offices, Foreign Portfolio Investors and Companies with large cash corpuses. The advisory services allow for a razor sharp targeting of desired returns with customized correlation with market returns. We are also able to bring in best practices consulting as an added advantage in helping clients with their requirements.


Let's get started on creating an exclusive financial structure personalized to your needs

Fanar Iskif
Head of Investment Advisory

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