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Whitespace Alpha is a Unique Financial Services company. As the name suggests, the underlying philosophy of the organization is to generate alpha returns to its clients. Whitespace refers to the entire gamut of thought experiments that could lead to alpha delivery. The alpha generation could be in terms of delivering superior risk weighted returns in our award-winning funds/advisory services, or delivering hithero explored structured models; to ringfence risk in its investment banking vertical.

Meet The Experts

The company brings together thought leaders in the field of finance, business, entrepreneurship and applied mathematics; giving them a setting of risk-controlled independence to foster creative solutions to problem statements.



Investment Committee

Experienced in managing Multiple Investment Avenues Such as Equity, Debt, Private Equity, Fixed Income Assets and Treasury functions. Entrepreneurial leader with 20 years experience in CEO and business head roles across organizations such as GVK Biosciences (Now Aragen), HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra. A Bachelors Engineering degree from IIT-BHU, Varanasi and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. 


President of The Fund

Puneet has extensively worked with some of the largest conglomerates across the globe as part the Deals team of PwC, advising them on matters relating to M&A transactions, business valuations and investment assessments. He has a deep understanding of the capital and derivative markets, along with an expertise in financial modelling. Puneet holds an MBA degree from IIM Lucknow.


Praveen Dwarakanath is a first generation entrepreneur with a rich track record of building businesses. He prides himself on his ability to apply probabilistic models in chaotic environments. Praveen has a bachelors degree in computer science engineering and a MBA from IIM Lucknow.


Investment Committee



Head of Investment Advisory

Fanar is an experienced Investment Professional with a demonstrated portfolio in the financial services industry. He has deep understanding of the capital and derivative markets. He handles designing, implementing, and deploying high/low frequency and short term systematic portfolio management algorithms. Fanar holds a PGDM from New Delhi Institute of Management and an MBA degree from MG University.

What We Represent

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Our offices are focused on superior value creation, as opposed to standard vanilla services available in the market

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